At POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES It IS Possible! Opening Minds to BRIGHTER Things! Eleanor Edwards, Founder of Positive Possibilities The POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES are Endless!


At POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES we have a Passion for Building Confidence and Skill in Women and Youth that will last their entire Lifetime!

Opening Minds to BRIGHTER Things!

Positive Possibilities motivates and provides interactive, cutting edge Life Esteem training, to specifically women and youth so they discover their potential and become the best possible version of themselves. They also provide support to organizations that offer services and programs to youth and women.

Eleanor Edwards, Founder of Positive Possibilities

This loving, funny, extraordinary woman has a passion for helping Women & Youth. Throughout here entire career she has developed tons of workshops and programs that have all been successful. Now through POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES she continues to help & inspire and change lives!


Broaden Your Outlook with POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES!

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Life Esteem is seeing yourself and the world around you in a way that empowers you, reveals opportunities and allows you to give back to society.

Life Esteem Coaching™

Life Esteem is feeling good about your life and everything in your life! It’s about being happy and satisfied about who you are, your surroundings, your friends, family, job, etc…

Support Services

At Positive Possibilities, we support Organizations that offer Services or Programs to Youth and Women.

Event Management

Positive Possibilities creates Special Events that raise Awareness and Funds for Causes that improve the lives of Youth and Women.

Motivational Speaker

For 20 years, Eleanor Edwards has educated and motivated hundreds to conquer their fears and move forward to achieve their goals.

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Positive Possibilities Life Esteem training infuses life skills with employability skills and teaches mature and effective behaviours for work and personal life. We do not use “agency knows best” style of training.

Our Workshops

Positive Possibilities is Always Creating New Workshops to Help You Find New Avenues and Opportunities. Visit our Website Regularly to see What New & Exciting Workshops We have Created for Youth & Women.

“For over 20 years, we have been opening minds and building skills in youth and women that last their entire lifetime.” Eleanor Edwards, Founder of Positive Possibilities

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Meet The Dream Team

"Leaders become Great, not because of their Power, but because of their ability to empower others." - John Maxwell

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