The other day I met a Grade 10 girl who, along with her friends, started doing random acts of kindness two years ago. They would pay for the next car’s coffee at a Tim Hortons drive-thru, present roses to people walking along the sidewalk and hand out home-baked cookies to people entering and exiting Yorkdale Mall. They asked for nothing in return, not even recognition, so I won’t mention the group’s name. What I found interesting was the people who received these random acts of kindness were suspicious, asking, “What do you want?” or insisting they pay for the cookie. Saying thank you did not cross their minds. Isn’t it sad so many people believe there is a price they need to pay to receive kindness? We should all try to do random acts of kindness. One act every day would be great, but for now I’ll settle for two acts per month. If everyone in your community did a little act of kindness — it could be as simple as saying, “Have a nice day” or lending a hand with shoveling a driveway or planting flowers — then random acts of kindness would not be shocking or suspicious, they would be an everyday event. They would spread from your community to the next and before you know it, you will be saying “Thank you,” when a teenage girl gives you a home-made cookie as you exit Yorkdale Mall.
How many acts of kindness will you do between now and Spring? How many random acts of kindness will you receive and simply say,” Thank you” or better yet, pay it forward?

As much as you can, – after all acts of kindness are free.