EM_Sangoma LadySometimes I sit and wonder; why bother, why even try?
I look around me and I see all the things I don’t have, and the way things are going, never will.
There are times when I actually believe I’m going to accomplish something, but then the “Wall of Reality” hits and hits hard and I’m still where I was…nowhere. So now what?

Do I sit and wait for the ground to open and swallow me up or do I try to change my situation for the better? But how do I start? What do I do first? Where can I find the answer?
O.K. let’s think… First I’ll open the Bible to see if I will get a message. I read psalms 83—Good, but it didn’t tell me what to do. How about Palm Reading or Karma reading…still nothing.
Alright, let’s try “looking into one’s self,” my eyes are closed, I’m concentrating. I hear two voices in my head, which one do I listen to?
One voice says get off your bottom, get out there and look for a job, look for connections, look for help. But I don’t feel like doing that. I’m too depressed and tired and besides if I do all that work and nothing happens, I’LL FREAK OUT!!
The second voice says hold on, be patient, something good is going to happen soon, my luck will change. In fact get out there and buy a lotto ticket.
Hey! I like that voice. I like the idea of sitting around waiting for things to change. Who knows, I probably will win the lotto because I really deserve to win.
Wait a minute, I don’t believe this, I would rather do nothing and wait for success to knock at my door, instead of going out there and trying hard to succeed? I think I better get off my butt and do something. First I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself. Second, is to put on some decent clothes and comb my hair, third is to go out there and make things happen.

When you find yourselves in that black hole, or dead end and find it easier to do nothing because you don’t have the strength to do anything else. Trust me when I say, you are stronger and smarter than you think. Take the first step and the rest will follow.