shopping step 1After being here for two wonderful days and nights, I am sitting enjoying a latte in a cafe on boul Rene-Levesque  in Montreal,. This trip was exactly what I thought it would be – “time to be with me.” I shopped till I almost dropped.

I went into stores I have walked by numerous times in Toronto, I bought a style of hat I would never consider buying before. I tried on everything without once hating it (I usually compare trying on clothes in a store to a root canal). I tried on a style of pants that didn’t look good; I left the change room and instead of heading to the exit, I looked for other styles in different colours and different sizes and tried them ALL. Voila! one fit and looked fabulous. I chose items I wanted, not what someone suggested would look good on me

I feel good about myself, the shopping played a big part in this. It was a day of trying new things and going for it without hesitation.

It isn’t easy to make big change in our lives; for example change in careers or lifestyle. We discuss it, write down our plans but rarely get to the actual changing part. Taking time to get a way, and doing something different on a small scale is a great first step to that change. It gives you the opportunity to experience the feeling of change and discovering that you can do it. For me it was going to Montreal, trying on different styles of clothes and buying them. For you it could be taking the Go bus to Collingwood and going cross country skiing or going to a karaoke bar singing your heart out.

Whatever it is, it’s time to go for it.