“I am happDSCN1337y to see 2015 come to an end” “2015 was not a good year, thank God it’s almost done!” Those are some of the comments I’ve heard the past few days.

For me, this year had more downs than ups and less smiles and laughter (, I’ll have less wrinkles than past years because I’ve laughed less :D.) I am looking forward to 2016 not because I want to forget 2015, rather I want to experience this new year with new views, attitudes and thoughts that I gained from 2015. The let downs, disappointments, loss and bad experiences has allowed me to evolve into a better version of me.

For thousands of years it’s struggles, danger, suffering that has forced us to evolve. Starving caused man to evolve and become hunters. freezing outside and being attacked by animals in the wild caused men to evolve and become builders.

If you had a difficult 2015 you can either count the seconds to it’s end, forget about it and hope 2016 will be better. Or you can take a moment think about the crappy stuff and the good stuff and plan what you will do differently, what you will do the same and what you will never do again. Learn from 2015 and evolve into a better you for 2016.