Animal kingdom

Wolves are everywhere; not only on Wall Street but wolves are not the only predator we have to be on the alert for.

Human society is another animal kingdom and in our animal kingdom we have our very own predators; wolves, lions, tigers, poisonous reptiles and insects, even deadly plants. In society our predator is the individual focused on “having it all” and will do whatever it takes to get it all. He or she will prey on the person who just wants to be able to pay bills, get rid of or avoid debt, own a home, go on the occasional vacation and feel good about their week.

We can’t hate the stockbroker who sold crappy stock to a retiree or hate the car salesman who leased a car to a college student at extremely high interest rates. We can’t hate the CEO of a corporation who makes a multi-million-dollar salary and who laid off 300 people in order to do business overseas, where labour is cheap.

Instead, we have to be similar to the prey in the animal kingdom and become very alert to the predators out there. We must avoid them, be smarter than them and never be an easy target.