It’s Jan.  2 and I’ve already done more this year than any year when I made a New Year’s Resolution.

And I’m confident I’ll get a lot more done before next New Year’s Day.

I used to make resolutions annually but they were often forgotten by February.

I realize the first day of a new year has no bearing on accomplishing a goal. If I want to lose 10 pounds, eat healthier, read 20 books, or save a thousand dollars no resolution will make me do it: my strong desire to do so, my self-discipline and the support of family and friends will ultimately help me reach my goals.

That desire can come anytime during the year.

I received a Gear Fit 2 watch over the holidays. Today I tried it on and liked it a lot. I had no intention when I woke up this morning to go running, but I ended up running for 30 minutes because of this watch. Now I intend to run more often because I like the watch so much. I will probably be a lot healthier in a few months, not because of a New Year’s Resolution but because of a watch.

I plan to do some kind of extreme activity such as the CN Tour Edge Walk or skydiving, not because of a New Year’s Resolution, but because I have a strong desire to do them.

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Last August I did the Mud Hero obstacle course, something I never thought I would do. There were times I wanted to give up and sink into the mud; however with the support of my son and a friend I dug deep and pushed on.

That experience motivated me to do something every year that takes me out of my comfort zone and pushes me.

One day in 2017, something or someone will ignite a desire in you to set a goal and it will be your determination, willpower and support from others that will get you to that goal.